Dear Nancy:

I received only today, Saturday June 29th, via Àngels, your welcoming message of May 27th, due to an easily understandable error in my email address, and I thank you for it and for all your good wishes on my new responsibility.

My first acquaintance with TOS activity took place two years ago, when Àngels proposed me to translate into Spanish your address to the European Congress , and that first contact awoke in me a deep urge to take a further step in my involvement with the Theosophical teachings, which had already changed my behaviour towards my «entourage», following that Krishnamurti’s answer to an attendant to his talks, when asking him how to contribute to change the world: Change yourself, replied Krishnamurti.

That is my aim since I joined the TS in 2013, and after the European Congress in Barcelona, the need to take a step further, trying to do something to help others, emerged strongly from inside, and I shared, on the spot, this new attitude with Àngels. I frequently recall HPB words in her The Key to Theosophy, stating that Theosophy without altruism is useless.

This is why, when Àngels proposed me to assume the responsibility of heading TOS in Spain, to her surprise, I did not hesitate for a single instant. My answer was: to you-Àngels- I could say no, but to me, I can’t.

Most of my life, I’ve been extremely self centred, what, in time, led me into depression more than once. And last time, fifteen  years ago, I finally realized that its origin was my self-centred attitude, and, following my psychologist advice, I started fighting to reverse my attitude like a glove. And there I am.

And additionally, I have a huge debt with life, that threw me into a potentially comfortable material/economic position, which reasons I always questioned to myself, and therefore I have always been very implicated to develop and improve it, without ever allowing myself nor my family, to indulge in it.

Coming now to my challenge to develop TOS activities in Spain, after being, for well over twenty years, CEO of a small US/French technical conglomerate in Madrid, I have a solid experience to facilitate communication and coordination among groups from different places and countries, but, as for the contents of TOS activities to be developed in Spain, I am totally a newcomer.

So far, after initial contacts with several branches/loggias or groups, it seems that most common activity carried along regularly in groups are healing rituals/meditations. I am not aware at this moment of any other type of group activity, though I know of several members personally involved in helping others within their own possibilities. I would like to stimulate this more pragmatic type of helping others at group level, and, in order to learn from what is being done at other places, Àngels is providing me with TOS contacts in other countries- Patrizia in Italy, Esteban in Argentina, Narendra Shah in Kenya, and others to come. Any contact or information you could provide as well, would be most welcome.

We intend, after Àngels idea, to take advantage of the gathering of members and sympathisers, from different loggias/groups over the country, with occasion of this year Summer School at San Feliu, during last week of August, to make a kind of brain storming to find opportunities for being of service with the inputs and experiences from the different attendants.

Finally, regarding your suggestion of making this communication in English and/or Spanish, I am perfectly at ease doing it in English-starting by apologizing for the countless orthographic and grammatical mistakes that I am incurring in-but I wonder whether your idea of making it in Spanish had the rear thought of getting a wider diffusion in Latin America. If this were the case, I would willingly prepare a parallel Spanish version.

Hoping to have covered above all your points, I look forward to hear from you again.

My kindest regards and brotherly greetings

Alejandro Bueno

TOS Spain

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