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           Qandeel Home School


                                                      Progress Report

         For the period July 2021 To December 2021


Dear Mr. Alejandro BuenoLantero,

TOS Coordinator,



We hope this would find you and all members of TOS-Spain in the best of health and spirit.

TOS Pakistan are indeed deeply grateful you and all the members of TOS-Spain for their kindness, generosity, compassion and support in funding a Qandeel Home School, where 24 children from Gulshan e Iqbal marginalized areas are educated. According to the plans, these children will be cared for till they achieve their secondary school qualifications.

We are pleased to enclose a progress report of the Qandeel Home School, which is graciously sponsored by the                  TOS-Spain for the period from July 2021 to December 2021 as follows:

Basic facts

Name of Teacher: Miss Zaheer Fatima

School Location: Banazir Basti Colony, Gulshan-e- Iqbal

Number of students: 24

Academic Session (2021-2022)

In August 2021, Ms. Fatima conducted the children’s Annual Assessment Test for the academic session 2020-2021.

All of the children were assessed and they achieved good grades, allowing them to be promoted to the next level.

The academic session (2021-2022) began in September 2021. Ms. Fatima creates a daily lesson plan and teaches multiple grades (Nursery, Kindergarten, and class one) in an improvised classroom at her home. She follows a weekly schedule and aims to provide an excellent education to all the children.

Video of Ms. Fatima teaching children “hospital vocabulary”, it can be viewed on following Google drive link

The class teacher, Ms. Fatima is an excellent teacher who teaches each child with special attention.  Her dedication, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is commendable. Her ability to assess students’ progress is likewise excellent. She urges the students to follow COVID SOPs at school and at home, such as wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, and washing hands regularly. Parents were enthusiastic to send their children to school with COVID measures during a pandemic.

Monthly Teachers Meeting:

Regular monthly teachers’ training sessions of all Qandeel Home Schools are conducted by Mrs. Sharmeen Bhamani- Education Officer to improve teaching methodology and school standards at the premises of TOS-Pakistan where Jamshed Memorial School is situated.

Mr. Mushtaq Ali Jindani, Hon. General Secretary and Director Education of TOS-Pakistan introduced a unique concept of “Montessori Silence Game” to the teachers. He has explained that Silence Game is one of the most beautiful Practical Life exercises in a Montessori Early Childhood school. It is amazing to see preschoolers find out how to relax their minds and bodies. Participant teachers learnt how to conduct the Silence Game with the children at Qandeel Home Schools. 

The Photos shows teachers of Qandeel Home Schools attending meeting at Jamshed Memorial School

Montessori Silence Game:

The importance of “Montessori Silence Game” is always emphasized. The school’s children are performing “Silence Game” with their class teacher.  They daily practice teaches them to be quite and feel happiness and peace.

The illustrated photos shows that children in Qandeel School are practicing “Silence Game”

Co-Curricular Activity:

On Wednesday, November 17th, 2021, Jamshed Memorial School organized an Art Exhibition with the theme of world peace.  Children from Qandeel Home School were also invited to display their artwork on universal peace.

During the exhibition, the children of Jamshed Memorial School and Qandeel Home Schools used their artwork to draw attention to the message of peace. The art display was viewed by parents, children, and TOS-Pakistan members, who appreciated the children’s’ and teachers’ efforts. The Auditorium Hall was adorned with a variety of colourful artworks that represented universal peace and love. At the exhibition, there were many interesting art works displayed which project pictures of peace, secularism, and respect for all religions.

TOS-Pakistan’s committee members, who attended the art exhibition, praised the participating children for exhibiting such creative artworks.  Jamshed Memorial School and Qandeel Home Schools children enjoyed the gathering since they were able to watch each other’s participation. Our governing board suggested that such events be held on a regular basis. This will send a message of peace and tolerance to the participants.

Artworks displayed by the children of Jamshed Memorial School and Qandeel Home Schools

Children of Qandeel Home School and Jamshed Memorial School at Art Exhibition                       Qandeel School child sharing her Peace Art 

Photos of Universal Peace Art Exhibition can be viewed on the following Google drive link

Some other activities like Independence Day, seasonal fruit days, etc are part of co-curricular activities which are conducted regularly. Such activities are enjoyed by the children and teacher.

Students and Teacher of Qandeel Home School


Gratitude: TOS-Pakistan, management, staff, teachers and particularly the parents of the children studying at the school are deeply indebted to you and TOS Spain for your continued support for the school, which helps the children to learn and obtain educational literacy.

Sharmeen Bhamani                                                         Muhammad Atif

Education Officer                                                              In charge Qandeel Schools

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