Understanding Grief Through Journaling – Caroline Horton

February 10 On-site and Zoom

Saturday 10am – noon, 2:00 – 4:00 pm PST

The workshop will focus on the different ways we can use grief journaling to access and understand our grief, redefine it and come to know ourselves more intimately through the process. Grief is barely talked about in our society, viewed only as a negative emotion, when in reality it is the reflection of how deeply we love. There is no grief without love, they are entwined together in the heart, two sides of the same coin. Through the use of simple exercises and prompts, journaling can help to reframe the grief experience from the pain of loss to the understanding that love is eternal. The workshop will be a safe container, held with compassion and the sacredness that this subject deserves.

*The invitation to share your writing is present but not required.

Single Session $15 Series $25

Caroline Horton has a BA in English and French literature from the University of North London.  Currently, she is a student of transpersonal psychology with the Pneuma Institute, and is a facilitator of Pneuma Breathwork and Transpersonal Training.  Caroline also works as an end of life doula in Ojai, CA, is a member of NEDA (National End-of-Life Doula Alliance), and has been offering support through grief journaling over the past few years at the death doula trainings in Ojai for “Bridging Transitions.”  She also holds women’s writing circles in Ojai and Los Angeles around the subjects of myth, ritual, and the Divine Feminine.

  •  Saturday Feb. 10 Series – $25.00
  •  Morning session – $15.00
  •  Afternoon session – $15.00

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