Greetings from India, Headquarters of the Theosophical Society
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Welcome to the 145th International
Convention of the Theosophical Society

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Dear Friend,

Loving greetings from Adyar.
We are glad to send you the information for the 145th International Convention of the Theosophical Society. As you are aware this year the Convention will be for four days (27th, 28th, 29th & 30th December 2020).

You will receive an email each day before the next day’s program. The email will have the information and webinar link specific to that day.

The Second day starts on 28th December at GMT/UTC 4 pm. Note that the time may be 26th December evening. For example for the Americas time zones.

Use the following link to attend the convention on 28th Dec 2020:

The schedule* for 28th Dec 2020 is as follows:
Lecture: Mastering the Cyclic Nature of Existence – 28 Dec / 4 pm UTC/GMT
Panel in Spanish: The Work of the TS –
Post-Pandemic and into the Future –  28 Dec / 9 pm UTC/GMT
Besant Lecture – 29 Dec / 1 am UTC/GMT
Meditation – 29 Dec / 02:30 am UTC/GMT
Youth Forum – II – 29 Dec / 03:30 am UTC/GMT

*All times are in UTC/GMT. Use the following Time Zone Converter to get your local time

Important Notes:

1) To join the convention on a particular date, kindly click on the respective link. It is valid for the whole day.
2) To check the program details on each day of the Convention, kindly visit: https://tsconvention.com/events-list/ 
3) New to Zoom? Please check our FAQ, where you will find many resources, including how-to videos, downloadable instructions, and links to Zoom documentation
4) If for some reason at your end, you are not able to log in the webinar, kindly visit the FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) on the convention website.
5) For any technical assistance before or during the webinar use our help desk email help@tsadyar.on.spiceworks.com
6) To view the Youth Forum Live, kindly visit the «Theosophical Society Adyar Channel» on YouTube.

Looking forward to meeting you online.
Stay Safe.
Warm Regards,
Convention Team
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